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Peace Wall surrounds Woodstock
The solicitation for Woodstock Peace Wall submissions begins this week in Rome, New York.

On the Peace Wall of Woodstock will be decorated by people from around the world with the peaceful messages and graffities.

By Woodstock News NEW YORK - Organizers of the massive event have now designated a wall surrounding the Woodstock '99 site in Rome, New York as the Woodstock Peace Wall. On this Wall, decorative messages of support and peaceful graffiti designed by people from around the world will be posted in support of victims of the Balkan crisis.

Concert-goers will also be encouraged to add their messages of support on the Wall during the festival. During and after the concert, these artistic "panels of peace" can be purchased with all proceeds going directly to the International Red Cross Response Fund. Michael Lang, promoter of the original 1969 Woodstock festival says he's encouraged by seeing the initial response to this idea, "It has always been our dream that the legacy of the original Woodstock would find relevance in any decade it appears."

The solicitation for Woodstock Peace Wall submissions begins this week in Rome, New York. Schools, church groups and people of all ages are encouraged to graffiti their personal written or decorative messages of peace to the people of Serbia and the victims of the crisis in Kosovo on pieces of canvas or fabric. Submissions are being accepted by the Rome office of the American Red Cross. Upon receipt, each hand-made panel will be imprinted with a certified commemorative Woodstock logo, inventoried and photographed. Just before the Woodstock '99 festival commences on July 23-25, the numbered panels will be installed on the Woodstock Peace Wall at the site in Rome. Here, festival attendees will be able to view, add to, and purchase the panels with all the donations going straight to the Red Cross efforts overseas.

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