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Final for Land Rover G4 Challege 2006
Only 3 of 16 will have a chance...
From the first application, through a tough national selection process and then on to international selections, the 16 candidates have shown a unique mixture of practical skills, physical aptitude and personel strenght to make it through to 2006’s Land Rover G4 Challenge.

National selection put forward top three; Sertaç Boztepe, Tolga Şenefe and Burcu Aslanağı who will be sent to international selection...

Dağıtım tarihi 11/12/2005

The final step of the Land Rover’s G4 Challenge national selections held in Bodrum district, nearby Göynük Lake, on December 8-11, 2005. On the final; all 16 candidates who were Gökhan Aktaş, Mustafa Arıkan, İlyas Metin Aroyo, Cem Baytok, Tanzer Birgen, Sertaç Boztepe, Murat Dikmen, Kemal Keskin, Erman Balkın Küçükebe, Serhan Poçan, Boni Salis, Tolga Senefe, Burcu Aslanağı, Çiğdem Erginer, Hediye Özlem Şekercioğlu and Ozlem Yasmut did their best in the tasks to go to international selection.

The event was as much about training as it was about selection. Before selecting the top 3, all 16 competitors were trained to the same level in 4x4 driving, kayaking, orienteering, GPS usage, first aid, abseiling and more. In the end each of the competitors was assessed on his or her skills and abilities. By the end of the day Sertaç Boztepe, Tolga Şenefe and Burcu Aslanağı win the chance to present Turkey in the international selection. The name of Murat Dikmen and Özlem Yasmut were announced as spare team members within the same occasion.

The international selection will be held in the United Kingdom at Eastnor castle, from January 29th to February 4th 2005...

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