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Education required for Honda Castrol Cup!
One step forward with Castrol!
Castrol sponsors the graduates of Safari’s Jim Russell Racing Drivers School to catch the chance to race with Honda Type-R...
Dağıtım tarihi 22/05/2005
A well organized motorsport event, Safari’s Honda Castrol Cup started with 16 very well trained racing drivers on May, 2005. “The thumbrule was education” said Mr Hakan Dinç, Director of Safari Motorsport and Principles of Jim Russell Racing Drivers School and adds; “having the talent is an asset, but training program helps them to make it better...

 Castrol was the major sponsor of this unique project and also 7-legs competition of the 16 brand new specially redesigned Honda Type-R series 2.0 liters DOCH i-VTEC engines with 236 HP. Bridgestone, DJ Wheels, Mertur, Adidas and Mugen are the co-sponsors of the successfully completed first year.

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