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Brand New Volkswagen Polo Ladies Cup
VW's successful debut with Castrol
Volkswagen Polo Ladies Cup is one of the most special motorsports competition just for the female drivers, who have experience or not, but all hot...
Dağıtım tarihi 15/05/2005

Volkswagen Polo Ladies Cup is a brand new race series of DMS (Doğuş Motorsports) Super Drive after the Seat Cup Turkey and it is open only to female pilots. Most of them unexperienced 17 female drivers participate to 5-legs-competition, which has started on May 22nd, 2005, with 130 HP 1,9 Tdi PE version of Volkswagen Polo’s.

Castrol is one the co-sponsors of this cheerful race series and name owner of the 2nd leg. A Castrol employee, Ms Münire Alabaz has also taken her chance on the racing circuit and displayed a fierce competition against her rivals. However, she was not lucky enough to take her place on podium just like another first timer and a famous TV actress Ms Sanem Çelik, who is sponsored by Castrol. “It was all fun anyway. Just being there is quite an experience” say both them.

“The German debut of the Polo Ladies Cup has been a resounding success for Volkswagen and a perfect example of successful cooperation across national borders," said Kris Nissen, Volkswagen Motorsport Director and added; “a positive experience in every respect...”


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