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Toyota select Turkey as a strategic manufacturing base...

Toyota Turkish plant begins export
Tokyo-TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, Inc. (TMMT) has started exporting TMMT-made Corollas, establishing itself as a strategic Toyota manufacturing center in Europe.

TMMT, which has been producing Corollas as a TMC subsidiary since 1994, is starting to ship abroad 40,000 Corollas in 2002, starting with sedans and followed by Corolla station wagons in August. The vehicles are destined for 22 countries, mainly in Europe, Israel and the Canary Islands.

At an export-launch ceremony at TMMT's Adapazarı Plant (130 km east of Istanbul), TMC Executive Vice President Yoshio Ishizaka, in charge of TMC's overseas operations, said, "We are certain that the success of this project will not only benefit Toyota, but contribute to the Turkish economy and the automobile industry as well." Mr. Ishizaka also praised the "hard working spirit" of the Turkish people and expressed TMC's goal to have TMMT running at full capacity as soon as possible.

Ministers, top ranking national and local Turkish government officials, as well as Japan's ambassador to Turkey, also participated in the ceremony.

With its new role as producer/exporter, TMMT joins the ranks of Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. and Toyota Motor Manufacturing France S.A.S., as Toyota continues to expand its European presence. Including production for domestic consumption, TMMT will build 47,000 vehicles in 2002.

Corporate profile

Toyota Motor Corporation is the third largest automaker in the world. Global sales of its Toyota and Lexus brands, combined with those of Daihatsu and Hino, totaled 5.94 million units in CY 2001. As of 2002, Toyota has 58 manufacturing organizations in 27 countries/locations, employs 215,000 people worldwide (on a consolidated basis), and markets vehicles in more than 160 countries.

Toyota posted consolidated sales of Yen 13.4 trillion (US$108.3 billion) in the fiscal year to March 2001. Automotive business, including sales finance, accounts for more than 90% of the company's sales.

Toyota's Lexus- and Toyota-badged vehicles rank among the world's highest-quality cars & trucks in third-party surveys of customer satisfaction. Using such as a springboard, Toyota is pursuing a policy of sustained development through innovation and strong R&D to create cars that are greener, safer and more fun to drive.

The Toyota Production System has become the basis for highly efficient "lean" manufacturing in industries worldwide.

In Europe, Toyota has two automobile assembly plants, one in the United Kingdom and the other one in France. This year Toyota starts producing transmissions in Poland. Toyota has set a 2005 annual sales target of 800,000 units.

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from Left to right Seiya Nakao Project General Manager Vehicle Development Center-TMC, Orhan Özer General Manager (Finance and Administration) Toyota Otomotiv Sanayi Türkiye AŞ-TMMT, Koji Kobayashi President Toyota Otomotiv Sanayi Türkiye AŞ-TMMT, Yoshio Ishizaka Executive Vice President Toyota Motor Corporation-TMC, Akira Imai President and CEO Toyota Motor Europe-TMEM, Kiyoshi Furuta Executive Vice President Toyota Motor Europe Manufacturing-TMEM, Tamer Ünlü General Manager (manufacturing) Toyota Otomotiv Sanayi Türkiye AŞ-TMMT...
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